BeachRay Power Catamarans

Simple Fun Relaxing

Don't Forget the Family!
BeachRay boats are great for taking the family out for a day on the water.  Swimming, fishing and exploring the coves, shallows and sealife and all without breaking the bank.  Relax and enjoy your day too!
  1. 1
    Safe and Stable
    Our sturdy foam-filled fiberglass hull provides a safe, stable platform for you to enjoy your day on the water. Our catamaran design allows the BeachRay to hold lots of weight while maintaining a shallow draft.
  2. 2
    BeachRay Boats are extremely low-maintenance and easy to work on. Our boats can be stripped down to the hull using only a handful of common tools. This saves large sums of money and time, so relax and have fun.
  3. 3
    Simple and Versatile
    Our boats are easy to operate and incredibly versatile. Whether it's fishing, Scuba, snorkeling, Swimming or just relaxing in your beach chair, BeachRays have it all. So get out there and explore and have a great time.
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